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Flower Meanings

Most flowers have a traditional meaning or sentiment associated with them. For example, a gift of long-stemmed red roses traditionally means a declaration of love.

The same flower in different colours may also have a different meaning. For example, white roses are symbolic of innocence, purity and serenity. Pink roses convey the meanings happiness, grace and thankfulness.

Many online flower shops have names for their flower arrangements, such as Desire, Flirt or Passion. Interflora in particular has some very creative names for their arrangements. Have fun browsing through their site!

Some of the common flowers and their meanings follow.

Hover over the links to see a picture of each flower, to help you identify them at flower shops or websites.

Acacia (yellow)acacia - Secret love
Acanthusacanthus - Artifice
Agapanthusagapanthus - Secret love
Alyssumalyssum - Worth beyond beauty
Amaryllisamaryllis - Beautiful, timid , proud
Ambrosiaambrosia - Returned love
Anemoneanemone - Fading hope
Angelicaangelica - Inspiration
Asteraster - Symbol of love
Azaleaazalea - Take care of yourself
Balsambalsam - Impatience
Basilbasil - Best wishes
Begoniabegonia - Beware, fanciful and popular
Bluebellbluebell - Humility
Cactuscactus - Endurance
Calla lilycalla lily - Magnificent beauty
Camellia (White)camelia - Exquisite loveliness
Camellia (Red)camellia - Unpretentious excellence
Carnation (White)carnation - Sweet, lovely, good luck
Carnation (Pink)carnation - Always on my mind
Carnation (Red)azalea - Passion
Cherry Blossomcherry blossom - Spritual Beauty
Chrysanthemum (White)white chrysanthemum - Truth
Chrysanthemum (Red)red chrysanth - Love
Chrysanthemum (Yellow)yellow chrys - Slighted love
Cinerariacineraria - Delighted
Clematisclematis - Mental beauty
Convolvulusconvolvulus - Uncertainty
Cornflowercornflower - Delicacy
Crocuscrocus - Gladness
Cyclamencycamen - Diffidence
Daffodildaffodil - Respect, hope
Dahliadahlia - Elegance and dignity
Daisydaisy - Loyal love and innocence
Daphnedaphne - Fame and glory
Diosmadiosma - Charming elegance
DogRosedogrose - Pleasure
Edelweisedelweis - Daring noble courage
Fernfern - Fascination, magic, sincerity
Fleur de Lisfleur de lis flower - Message
Freesiafreesia - Trust
FORGET ME NOT - Faithful love and good memories
FOXGLOVE - Stateliness
FUCHSIA - Amiable
GARDENIA - Refinement
GERANIUM - Gentility, peacefulness
GERANIUM (rose) - Preference
GLADIOLUS - Sincerity and strength
GRASS - Submission
HEARTSEASE - Modesty, pleasant thoughts
HEMP - Fate
HIBISCUS - Rare beauty
HOLLY - Domestic happiness
HOLLYHOCK - Ambition, fruitfulness
HYACINTH - Forgive me
HYDRANGEA - Thanks for understanding
IRIS - Wisdom, Faith and Hope
IVY - Fidelity, friendship, marriage
JASMINE (White) -Amiability
JONQUIL - Desire for return of affection
LABURNUM - Pensive beauty
LARKSPUR - Fickleness
LAVENDER - Constancy
LILAC (White) - Youthful innocence
LILAC (Purple) - First love
LILLY OF THE VALLEY - Beauty, gaiety, happiness
MAGNOLIA - Nobility
MARIGOLD - Grief; Discontent
MIMOSA - Exquisite, fastidious, sensitivity
MOCK ORANGE - Counterfeit
MOONFLOWER - Dream of love
MORNING GLORY - Affection, departure
MYRTLE - Love in absence
NANDINA - My love will grow warmer
NASTURTIUM - Patriotism
ORANGE BLOSSOM - Chastity, eternal love
ORCHID - Magnificence, love, beauty, refinement
PANSIES - Consideration
PEONY - Bashfulness
PERIWINKLE (Blue) Early friendship
PERIWINKLE (White) Harmony
PETUNIA - Soothing
PHLOX - Harmony
PLUMBAGO - Holy wishes
POLYANTHUS - Purse-proud
POPPY (Oriental) - Silence is golden
POPPY (Red) - Consolation
POPPY (Scarlet) - Extravagance
POPPY (White) - Tranquility; Consolation
POPPY (General) - Dreaminess
POPPY (Yellow) - Wealth; Success
PRIMROSE (Evening) - Inconstancy
PRIMROSE - Cannot be without you
RANUNCULUS - Radiant charm
ROSE (white) - Purity, innocence
ROSE (yellow) - Friendship
ROSE (pink) - Happiness
ROSE (red) - Love, passion
ROSEBUD - Innocence and purity
ROSEMARY - Remember me
SAGE - Domestic virtues
SALVIA (blue) - Wisdom
SALVIA (red) - Untiring energy
SAXIFRAGE - Affection
SNAPDRAGON - Presumption
SNOWDROP - Consolation
STOCK - Lasting beauty
STRELITZIA - Freedom, magnificance, good perspective
SWEET PEA - Thanks for a lovely time
SUNFLOWER - Pride, sunshine
SYRINGIA - You shall be happy
TUBEROSE - Illicit pleasures
TULIP (Red) - Declaration of love
TULIP (Yellow) - Hopelessly in love
TULIP (Cream) - Will love you forever
TULIP (Variegated) - Enchantment, beautiful eyes
VERONICA - Fidelity
VIOLET - Faithfulness and virtue
VIRGINIA CREEPER - I cling to you
WARATAH - Prosperity
WATERLILY - Purity of heart
WAX PLANT - Susceptibility
WISTERIA - Welcome
ZINNIA - Thoughtful recollections

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